Flight Simulation Solutions .

CompuVuela is a company specialized in the development, manufacturing, maintenance and rental of flight simulation equipment and applications, with global customers and alliances, we have developed several solutions, ranging from the entertainment market to the airline professional training market , if you are looking for a professional solution for flight simulation, you have come to the right place, Welcome!.


A320 Flight Deck

This Trainer is designed to exceed the FAA Level 4 to 5 requirements and FNTP II MCC equivalent for the JAA, with a great quality, is the best choice for a low cost high technology training.



B737 Flight Deck

The B737 Trainer is available thru a wide range of qualification levels, FAA-AATD, FTD level 4 to 5 and FNTP II MCC equivalent for the JAA



¿Would you like to fly an airliner?, we have a program for you...flying an Airline Professional Flight Simulator

where the actual airline pilots take their training, be an airline pilot for one day.